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 Congratulations and


If you have found yourself searching for a therapist or counselor, congratulations on taking the first step to experiencing a more fulfilling life! Admitting you need help can be extremely difficult for some people. Here is a little known secret….everyone can use help sometimes! Whether you are experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, sadness, confusion or just want to gain more insight into your own true self and improve your relationships; therapy is a great place to go for help. Now that you have started looking for help, it is imperative that you find a therapist that you can connect with. Feeling safe with your therapist is perhaps the key ingredient to a successful therapeutic relationship.


Good luck with your search and we hope you can find safety and connection within these pages!

We are now seeing limited clients in person in our Los Gatos office -however, due to current mask requirements in Santa Clara County everyone in the office must be masked regardless of vaccination status! We are still offering most sessions through Telehealth (video or phone). Consult with individual therapists to determine whether in-office or telehealth is the most appropriate option for you at this time.  

The Monterey location is still offering telehealth sessions only. 


Peaceful Counceling


*Debra Pace, LMFT 101506

*Genevieve Kaplan, AMFT 115742 & APCC 6832

*Julie Crist, AMFT  116884

*Stacey Pinneke, AMFT 124530 & APCC 9280

*Mitch Gale, AMFT 115000

*Katelyn Cleveland, AMFT  121208

*Supervised by Debra Pace, LMFT 101506

How can


Your once respectful teenager has turned into a stranger who criticizes everything you say and do and seems to be embarrassed by you. You have tried tightening the rules, you have tried loosening the rules, you have tried increasing punishments and rewards. Nothing seems to be working and you find yourself mourning the loss of the connection you once had with your adolescent. Is it you or them? Having a safe space to confide in someone (who is not their parent or teacher) may be just what your adolescent needs to get out of his or her funk and reconnect with you and the rest of the family.


You and your spouse or partner seem to be fighting more and more each day. It seems like your shared moments of joy have disappeared and been replaced by moments of frustration and anguish. What happened to your relationship? She never understands you and you are so angry with him all the time. Is this the beginning of the end of your relationship? It doesn’t have to be! A marriage and family therapist can work collaboratively with both of you to improve your communication strategies and breathe new life into your relationship!

You can’t figure out why, but lately it takes all the energy you can muster to get out of bed in the morning. You seem to be falling deeper and deeper into a dark abyss and whenever you are close to climbing out, it feels like someone is waiting at the top to kick you back in. No one else seems to understand how you feel and people keep telling you to “get over it” or “it’ll be ok tomorrow.” You may not know it but you are suffering from depression. And you will get better… with a little help from a compassionate therapist who understands you.

How can we HELP?


We provide a space that is safe for you to open up and recognize your true feelings. We listen empathically and never judge. We work collaboratively with you to define and work towards goals that lead to personal growth. We will challenge you to dig deep to find meaning in your feelings and work diligently to recognize and change destructive patterns and behaviors. The relationship you develop with each of us, as your therapist, will be a healing and nurturing relationship that will help you learn how to navigate other relationships in your life. Your brain chemistry will change as a result of therapy!

Most importantly, you will feel heard and you will feel better!​

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